Intrastate Rates

Intrastate Calls are calls that are originated and terminated within the same state. Rates for Intrastate Calls are based on jail size. The jail size is based on Average Daily Population of the jail.

Debit & PrePaid ICS

$.21 Per Minute

Collect ICS Calls for All Jails

$.25 Per Minute

The rules limiting charges for ancillary services—other than the rule related to single-call services, which the D.C. Circuit stayed—took effect on March 17, 2016 for all ICS calls from prisons, and will take effect on June 20, 2016 for all ICS calls from jails (see chart below). Those same effective dates also apply to the rates for ICS calls involving TTY devices, the rule governing the treatment of taxes and fees, the rule prohibiting per-call or per-connection charges, the rule prohibiting flat-rate calling, and the rules governing minimum and maximum calling account balances.

Charges and Taxes Rate Permitted by FCC Rules
Applicable taxes and regulatory fees Provider shall pass these charges through to consumers directly with no markup
* Automated payment fee $3.00
Live agent fee, i.e., phone payment or account set up with optional use of a live operator $5.95
Paper bill/statement fees (no charge permitted for electronic bills/statements) $2.00
PrePaid account funding minimums and maximums Prohibit PrePaid account funding minimums and prohibit PrePaid account funding maximums under $50
Third-party financial transaction fees, e.g., MoneyGram, Western Union, credit card processing fees and transfers from third party commissary accounts Provider shall pass this charge through to end user directly, with no markup
* Automated payments include payments by interactive voice response (IVR), web, or kiosk.