Inmate Telephone System

The I.C.E. (Inmate Call Engine) Inmate Telephone System platform has been designed to simplify the complexity of utilizing a completely web-based inmate call management system.   Often inmate phone platforms are designed by engineers with no consideration for users that may be intimidated by technology or “computer challenged”.   With that thought in mind, the I.C.E. system is based on a simplistic clickthrough concept which allows the user to basically click through the whole process with little need of entering text. 

The user interface is written using a Microsoft web application framework known as ASP.NET.   The NCIC development team chose Microsoft software due to its universal compatibility with most computers. 

The actual inmate call processors are developed using Linux architecture on an Asterisk based calling platform or “switch”.  Asterisk is currently the fastest growing telecom technology due to its low cost and access to virtually unlimited resources and third-party add on software.

Highlighted Features (Click on Link to see more information on the feature):

Additional Features: Central Call Processing Architecture, Full Redundancy of all Switching Equipment, Inmate call restrictions by Pin (Personal Identification Numbers), Blended debit/collect calls, Customized announcements, Emergency Kill Switch, Free call capabilities, Integrated voice recording, International Calling, Multi Facility support, Multiple language support, Reverse Lookup, Automatic Importing of Relevant Inmate Information, Programmable speed dialing, Multiple User Security levels, Voice Authentication Technology and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Note: NCIC’s development team is consistently adding new features.  For a comprehensive list of features please contact NCIC at 888-686-3699.
Inmate Phone System